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2021-22 Season Update - 10/08/2021

I am taking this opportunity to fill you in and ask for your cooperation. We were informed last week by the Archdiocese CYO organization that our season start date will now be January 15th. for Indoor CYO basketball activities.  All indoor CYO activities have been suspended for October – December.  They have called this Phase 1 in the Archdiocese.  This directive was made in conjunction with the Archdiocese Education Department, who has control over the school buildings in the Archdiocese.

They have also published a detailed list of “Return to Play” Guidelines and Protocols which we will be required to follow if / when we begin play, including the following

  • Follow all CDC, NYSDOH and local health guidelines

  • Temperature screening prior to entering facility, face coverings must be worn

  • Prescreening questionnaire administered to all participants

  • NY state DOH requires masks while playing in an indoor setting

  • Only coaches and players will be permitted.  NO spectators will be permitted at this time.

  • Basketballs must be rotated and sanitized in games and practice

  • Social distancing must be enforced on the bench and in team huddles

  • Player benches and high contact surfaces should be disinfected after each games


We are working with Fr. Joe and the other CYO parishes in Dutchess County on our approach going forward for both our travel and in-house programs.  We are very concerned about the current Archdiocese protocols which will be large burden for us to execute. In addition, the St. Mary's gym, due to COVID protocols, continues to be used as a classroom for the 7th grade at St. Mary's school. 

The January 15th start date is out of our control and is subject to change by the Archdiocese based on pandemic conditions, NYS DOH regulations and the Arch Education department.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.We will continue to update you as we get additional information from the Archdiocese or decisions are made concerning the January start.